Sermon Outlines

Each Sunday a sermon outline will be posted to this page for download. We encourage you to print this off and bring it with you to Church on Sunday. Each outline provides a rough sketch of the direction of the message, as well as reflection questions for after you leave.

Sunday April 7th

The passage today is Luke 8:4-15, the Parable of the Sower. The general aim of this sermon is to examine Christ’s parable of the sowers. In this parable he lays out four soils that represent four hearts of people that hear the teachings of Jesus. This sermon ought to equip us to become better "hearers” of God’s Word. It will also help us to understand what is going on behind the scenes whenever God’s Word is shared with another person.

Previous Sermons Outlines & Manuscripts

We have only just begun posting our sermon outlines in advance of the Sunday sermon. To see all previous sermon manuscripts and videos, please visit here.
Sunday March 31, 2024
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