Prayer & Care

"One good way to get comfort is to plead the promise to God in prayer.… Show him his handwriting; God is tender of his word. These arguings in prayer are not to work upon God, but ourselves." Thomas Manton

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is central to what we do as a Church. In some ways you might describe it as the fuel that makes the Church go. We want to be a Church that truly depends on prayer the way we see the Apostles depending on prayer in Scripture. Prayer of course takes place in many times and places throughout the life of the Church, but there are a few key places that we invite our people to really join and be a part of corporately.

  1. Sunday Morning Pre Service Prayer: Every Sunday morning, a group of folks from our Church gathers to pray over the upcoming Sunday service. They meet in the large hallway of our Sunday gathering space, and pray from 9:15-9:45am. This powerful time of prayer lays a foundation of prayer for the entire Sunday gathering to built upon. 
  2. Monday Noon Prayer: Mondays at Noon, Park South Loop is invited to join thirty minutes of prayer through Zoom. Others from around the Park family of churches join as well.
  3. Quarterly Prayer & Worship Nights: Quarterly we host a night of prayer and worship, where we invite the Church to linger in prayer. We typically have various prayer stations available to pray in different ways. It's a chance to slow down, and just pause before the Lord. See our Events page for our next scheduled Prayer and Worship Night.

Care Ministry

A Church ought to be a place where both physical and spiritual needs are truly tended to.  We truly want to make sure that every need is met, that every prayer is prayed for, and that every hurt is being tended to. If you have a prayer or care need that you would like someone from our Pastoral staff or care team to follow up, please let us know.  If ongoing professional counseling is needed, we have a long list of partner Christian counselors in the city who we can connect you with. Additionally, our benevolence fund is setup to come alongside those in financial need.