"You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also. Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus." ~ 2 Timothy 2:2

What is Discipleship

We are passionate about seeing every man, woman, and child grow into spiritual maturity. That is why we have put together a very intentional plan for our Church to pursue spiritual growth together. Much of the spiritual growth that happens in a believer's life is simply due to the participation in the regular rhythms of the Church: the preaching of God's Word, the fellowship of the saints, utilizing one's spiritual gifts, etc. These regular rhythms are primary means of discipleship that ought not be overlooked. Beyond those regular rhythms we have also put together online resources for equipping, as well as a peer-to-peer discipleship program. Both are outlined below.

Peer to Peer Discipleship

In peer-to-peer discipleship, two or three individuals from the Church commit to going through set curriculum together. Men growing together with other men, and women growing together with other women. These peer-to-peer groups normally will last between six to ten weeks, as you work through the book and the study questions together. The goal is that the chapters and the questions serve as launching pads to really dig into each other's lives and push each other closer towards Christian maturity.

Who Do I Do This With?
This is designed for 'peer-to-peer' discipleship, which simply means that any two individuals from the Church who are hungry to learn, can go through the material and push each other towards spiritual growth. The options do not require one more spiritually mature person to be the leader of the group. Rather the material will serve as the teaching component, and the discussions each week are designed to be spaces to reflect, process, and pray as you grow together. You can go through the material with folks you already know, or if you prefer we can match you up with others from the Church who also are looking to go through the material. Either way, use the 'signup' button below to begin.

Disciplines of a Godly Man

Many Christian men desire to grow in godliness and wisdom, but year after year they lament slow or no growth in their life, and they wonder why. They need to remember that no growth happens in life without discipline—and growth in godliness is no exception. In Disciplines of a Godly Man, seasoned pastor R. Kent Hughes offers men practical guidance and rich wisdom that will help them grow in the disciplines of prayer, integrity, marriage, leadership, worship, purity, and more. Read the first three chapters for free here.

Disciplines of a Godly Woman

Maybe discipline seems like a hard word to you―implying nothing but challenge and duty. Yet most of us see the value in cultivating spiritual disciplines, and we long to be more consistent in our relationship with God, even in the midst of our busy lives. Combining biblical teaching, poignant stories, and insightful reflection questions, Barbara Hughes explores 15 vital disciplines in this classic book―helping us to mature as godly Christian women and giving meaningful shape to our lives. Read the first three chapters for free here.

Online Discipleship Curriculum

Over the years we have completed a number of classes on important Biblical subjects that, while we continue to offer from time to time in person, we have also put online. These classes are best completed with another person, where you watch the video lecture, then use the written resources and suggested readings, as your discussion guides. Of course you can also do them on your own, but we really do deeply encourage you to grab another partner and engage with another from the Church. Discipleship is best done in community!

Systematic Theology

This twenty week class can be broken into two ten week sessions.  This class utilizes Wayne Grudem's book Bible Doctrine: Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith as a base reading curriculum. Each week has a video lecture (see full playlist of videos here) from a Pastor at Park that corresponds to the reading.

Spiritual Formation

This ten week class is designed to help Christians truly go deeper in their love of Christ, their convictions about the Word of God, and in their daily practice of walking with Jesus. This class is designed for men and women of all different stages in their journey with Christ. (see full playlist of videos here). Two books are recommended to accompany the video lectures, The Great Gain of Godliness by Thomas Watson. The second is Prayer by John Bunyan. You are encouraged to engage these books deeply, and permit them to challenge your soul.

Genesis to Revelation

This thirty week class can be broken into three separate ten week session. The goal of the class is to take students through a tour of the entire Bible, learning about each book individually and how that book and its themes fit into the larger storyline of Scripture. Each week has a video lecture (see full playlist of videos here) from a Pastor at Park that corresponds to the reading, and students are encouraged to permit their Bibles to be their primary "book" for engaging the material.

Biblical Manhood

This ten week course is designed to embolden men in their faith and practice.  Each week includes a lecture as well as a worksheet to guide you on continual engagement and discussion as you process the themes discussed. (see full playlist of videos here).  Or, check out the Introductory Video to learn a bit more.

A Vision for Discipleship

In this sermon, Pastor Raef Chenery digs into the topic of discipleship, and considers how every Christian is called to be both a disciple and a disciple-maker.